Jerwood Contemporary Painters 2008

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Works by 20 early-career artists selected by Jason Brooks, Stephen Farthing and Anita Taylor

Exhibiting artists: Johan Andersson; Varda Caivano; Gordon Cheung; Ross Chisholm; Simon Collins; Tom Crawford; Matthew Draper; Elinor Evans; Andrew Griffiths; Nadia Hebson; Günther Herbst; Sally Kindberg; Sophie Lascelles; Andrea Medjesi-Jones; Yuko Nasu; Alicia Paz; Michael Samuels; Chris Smith; Caroline Walker; and James Wright.

Jerwood Contemporary Painters was established by Jerwood Charitable Foundation to promote the work of early-career painters and to present a perspective on the concerns and debates in contemporary painting. It ran from 2007 to 2010 and each artist received a participation fee of £1,000.

Gordon Cheung, Neon Shadows. Jerwood Contemporary Painters 2008