Jerwood Curatorial Accelerator Fellows

The Jerwood Curatorial Accelerator Fellows are a group of eleven exceptional early-career curators selected for Jerwood Curatorial Accelerator (JCA). Based in Belfast, Birmingham, Glasgow, Hastings, Liverpool, London and North Wales, the group creates a new UK-wide peer network pursuing their individual and collective curatorial development through meeting and networking with Host organisations, participating in an online skills programme, spending time with mentors and learning from each other.

The JCA Fellows are Aimee Harrison, Aliyah Hasinah, Ben Urban, Candice Nembhard, Cecilia Graham, David Cleary, Dhelia Snoussi, Georgina Johnson, Katherine Murphy, Lee Cutter and Thomas Wells.

They each work across different formats and draw on different experiences and perspectives. Their curatorial interests range from social and climate justice, race and gender identity, LGBTQ+ experience, mental health, to the institutional and cultural marginalisation of vulnerable communities.

Click on the JCA Fellows’ pages below to read more about their individual curatorial work and ways to follow them online.



Jerwood Curatorial Accelerator Fellows.