Jerwood Drawing Prize 2007

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

A total of 87 drawings are brought together in this group exhibition as part of the largest and longest running annual open exhibition for drawing in the UK.

The works were selected from more than 2,600 submissions by Paul Bonaventura, Senior Research Fellow in Fine Art Studies at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art, Oxford University; Avis Newman, artist; and Catherine de Zegher, art historian and curator.

Selected from original drawings, the Jerwood Drawing Prize has established a reputation for its commitment to championing excellence, and to promoting and celebrating the breadth of contemporary drawing practice. The exhibition provides a platform to showcase the work of UK-based drawing practitioners, from student to established, and as a project helps to define a wider understanding of the role and value of drawing in creative practice.

The four prize winners received unconditional cash prizes as follows: First Prize of £6,000 Melanie Jackson; Second Prize of £3,000 Brighid Lowe; and Student Awards of £1,000 each: Minho Kwon and Daisy Richardson.

The 77 artists shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize 2007 were:

Kate Adams, Caroline Ali, Holly Antrum, Alistair Ashe, Lucy Austin, Adam Ball, Catherine Bertola, James Bingham, Peter Bodenham, Glyn Brewerton, Davina Brown, Graham Brown, Christopher Bucklow, Lizzie Cannon, Jacob Cartwirght, Sunny Cheung, Ann Clare, Julie Cockburn, Ian Davenport, David Rees Davies, Adam Dix, Naomi Doble, Sarah Douglas, Luke Drozd, Mark Fairnington, Gordon Faulds, Diana Foden, Stefan Gant, Anna Maria Giannini, Patrick Gilmartin, Polly Gould, Sam Griffin, Nathalie Guinamarod, Christine Hatt, Bridget Heriz, Sarah Hope, Shareena Hill, John Holden, Tone Holmen, Sophie Horton, Mitsuko Hoshino, Melanie Jackson, Ross Jones, Chosil Kil, Tim Knowles, Minho Kwon, Vera Boele-Keimer, Irene Lees, Brighid Lowe, Ralph Macartney, Sarah McNulty, Jane Millican, Nicole Mollett, Peter Monkman, Marcela Montoya-Turnill, Claire Morgan, Catherine Morland, Donna Nicholson-Arnott, Louise Norman, Sean O’ Keefe, Grace O’Connor, Eamon O’Kane, Susie Parfitt, Stuart Parkinson, Stuart Pearson Wright, Kerry Phippen, Pauline Place, Margaret Proudfoot, Giulia-Resteghini, Daisy Richardson, Mary Rouncefield, Paul Ryan, Adam Sunderland, Suzanne Treister, Alison Turnbull, Cathy Ward and Paul Westcombe.

Jerwood Drawing Prize is supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation through its contemporary gallery programme Jerwood Visual Arts. The 20th anniversary of the Jerwood Drawing Prize exhibition was celebrated in 2014, and in 2015 Jerwood Charitable Foundation marked 15 years of its support for the prize.