Jerwood Encounters: An Experiment in Collaboration

Gemma Anderson, Daniel Baker, Michael Pybus, Paul Richards, Karen Tang, Jackson Webb

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A group exhibition marking the beginning of a conversation about collaborative working practice between six artists and their chosen collaborators through a series of experiments and interconnected dialogues.

Curated by Sarah Williams the exhibition will examine the intricacies of artists operating as part of a team or partnership, laying bare the process and opening it up to scrutiny. Six artists were invited to choose a collaborator to work with and to submit proposals for an experimental project that looked at the process of collaborative practice.

Gemma Anderson is working with forensic scientist Tim McInery and three of his patients from Bethlam Hospital to make a series of revealing portraits; Daniel Baker is working with game designer Ricky Haggett to create a fictional world; Michael Pybus is working with Dazed and Confused magazene to create a series of fashion photographs set within one of his installations; Paul Richards is working with artists Jason Dungen, Jenifer Evans, Clare Hooper, Edward Peake, Guy Rusha and Gili Tal and Joe Walsh to make an experimental film for cinema; Karen Tang is working with architect Daniel Sanderson on a modernist building titles ‘Modern Molluscs’; and Collaborative duo Jackson Webb are working with biophysicist Dora Tang to make a series of chemical drawings that challenge the role of authorship in collaborative practice.

The developing work will be documented on a dedicated blog.




Michael Pybus, collaboration with Dazed and Confused as part of Jerwood Encounters: An Experiment in Collaboration. Image: courtesy of Dazed and Confused