Jerwood Encounters: Formed thoughts

Phoebe Cummings, Glithero (Tim Simpson & Sarah van Gameren), Tracey Rowledge

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

A group exhibition curated by Claire Twomey bringing together three artists whose work explores the fundamental collaboration between maker and material in the forming of concepts and works: Phoebe Cummings, Glithero (Tim Simpson & Sarah van Gameren) and Tracey Rowledge.

Glithero’s work for this exhibition is a new work in the Burn Burn Burn series in which a flame travels over a path of flammable screen-printed paint, leaving behind it a charcoal trace which reveals the memory of a moment that has already passed.

Phoebe Cummings’ Vanitas explores the possibilities of clay as a raw material, disregarding notions of ceramics as a studio-based practice and as permanent possessions. Her installation will be constructed on site at Jerwood Space, where the work will be left to disintegrate and be broken down over the course of the exhibition.

Tracey Rowledge’s new work for this exhibition is drawn directly onto the gallery wall over a 10-day period. This solid graphite wall drawing, Surface, creates a reflective plane that captures and subdues the light and the movement in the gallery space.

Jerwood Encounters are one-off curated exhibitions which provide artists and curators with new exhibition opportunities and the chance to explore issues and territories in the borderlands between the main disciplinary fields of the Jerwood Visual Arts programme. They were first established in 2009.

Installation view- Jerwood Encounters: Formed Thoughts, works by Phoebe Cummings. Image: