Jerwood Encounters: After Hours

Robert Ball, Anthony Burrill, Phil Carter, Daniel Eatock, Michael Johnson, Alan Kitching, Magpie Studio, Craig Oldham, Jack Renwick, Steve Royle, Jim Sutherland, Young Creatives Network, Nick Asbury

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A co-group exhibition of private works by graphic designers, curated by Nick Eagleton, UK Creative Director of design agency The Partners. Contributors include: Robert Ball, Anthony Burrill, Phil Carter, Daniel Eatock, Michael Johnson, Kingston University, Alan Kitching, Magpie Studio, Craig Oldham, Jack Renwick, Steve Royle, Jim Sutherland, Young Creatives Network, and writer Nick Asbury. This rich variety of works explores the personal questions and passions that inspire designers outside their commercial practice, most of which have never been shown and were never intended, when created, for public view. They are the result of the compulsive creative practice common to this group of exceptional graphic designers.

Nick Eagleton is known for numerous projects including the relaunch of the Ford blue oval. He is a frequent judge at creative industry awards, and is accustomed to winning awards for his clients, including the Jerwood Charitable Foundation. Eagleton has embraced the ethos of the show and curated the exhibition outside his usual work hours, motivated to showcase the personal work of graphic designers, the things they do when they’re free from the constraints of a brief, a client or a fee.

Jerwood Encounters are one-off curated exhibitions which provide artists and curators with new exhibition opportunities and the chance to explore issues and territories in the borderlands between the main disciplinary fields of the Jerwood Visual Arts programme. They were first established in 2009.

Installation View- Jerwood Encounters: After Hours. Image: