Jerwood Encounters: Inscription: Drawing, Making Thinking

David Connearn, Philip Eglin, Charlotte Hode

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A new exhibition of works by David Connearn, Philip Eglin and Charlotte Hode, curated by Amanda Game, freelance curator and Consulting Lead Director, IC:Innovative Craft and Anita Taylor, artist, Professor and Director, Jerwood Drawing Prize.

The exhibition explores different approaches to inscription and the works consider the connections between drawing and making. Inscription, in this context, is the act of committing ideas through mark making to record meaning. It involves different physical processes of scratching or pressing into a surface, including drawings on paper, ceramics and moving-image. For each of these artists mark making and inscription is intrinsic to the realisation of their ideas, although their artistic intentions may and do differ.

Jerwood Encounters are one-off curated exhibitions which provide artists and curators with new exhibition opportunities and the chance to explore issues and territories in the borderlands between the main disciplinary fields of the Jerwood Visual Arts programme. They were first established in 2009.


Installation view-Jerwood Encounters: Inscription. Image: Jerwood Visual Arts