Jerwood Encounters: This Must be The Place

Camille Fallet, Mimi Mollica, Xavier Ribas, Eva Stenram, Lillian Wilkie, Tereza Zelenkova, David Campany.

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A group exhibition of work by Camille Fallet, Mimi Mollica, Xavier Ribas, Eva Stenram, Lillian Wilkie, Tereza Zelenkova and David Campany. The projects span Dakar, Barcelona, Shanghai, Dresden, California and London, highlighting the importance of location for photography today.

Whether surveying a city for its specific character, unearthing a hidden past, speculating on the future, or looking at the effects of globalization on particular sites, this collection of work is a timely assessment of how we understand locality, and a suggestive indication of the place of photography in contemporary art.This international range of artists make work in a variety of forms: digital slideshows, films, composites, artists’ books, installation, photographic sequences, image/text and imagery derived from the internet.

David Campany is an artist, writer and Reader in Photography at the University of Westminster, London. He has written and lectured extensively on photographic theory and practice, and is the author of Art and Photography (Phaidon 2003) and Photography and Cinema (Reaktion 2008).

Camille Fallet graduated from the RCA in 2004 with an MA in Photography. He works as a photographer and graphic-designer, realising pictures for communication, reportage, products and internal communication. He has had a selection of exhibitions and his work has been published in magazines including the Guardian, d’Architectures, 5éme Mur. He lives and works in Paris.

Mimi Mollica has covered assignments in a number of different countries including Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Sicily, Great Britain, Brazil, India, Romania, Senegal and West Africa, photographing current events and in-depth photo essays. His work has been published in various magazines and newspapers such as The Guardian Weekend Magazine, Financial Times Weekend Magazine, Internazionale, Granta Magazine, The Independent on Sunday Review, D di Repubblica, Marie Claire and COLORS Magazine among many others. He has had a selection of small solo exhibitions and has also participated in a number of group exhibitions, all mainly in London. He lives and works in London.

Xavier Ribas studied Social Anthropology at the University of Barcelona (1990) and Documentary Photography at Newport School of Art and Design (1993). Since 2000 he has undertaken the post of Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton and visiting lecturer at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (since 2004). He has exhibited widely throughout Europe and his work has appeared in a number of publications and is held in collections in Spain, France and The Netherlands. He currently lives and works in Brighton and Barcelona.

Eva Stenram graduated from the RCA in 2003 with an MA in Photography. She has participated in a number of group exhibitions in the UK and Europe. She has been a lecturer in Fine Art, Photography and Video Art at the University of Bedfordshire since 2006 and a visiting lecturer at the University of Creative Arts, Derby University, Glasgow School of Art, Southampton Institute and the Arts Institute at Bournemouth.

Lillian Wilkie graduated in 2009 from the University of Westminster with a First Class Honours Degree in Photographic Arts. Since then she has participated in a few group exhibitions in London and Germany as well as undertaking commercial commissions.

Tereza Zelenkova, originally from the Czech Republic, currently lives and works in London. She has participated in various group shows and her work has been featured in several magazines.

Tereza Zelenkova, from Zabriskie Point (2009). Image: courtesy of the artist