Jerwood Encounters: Passing Thought and Making Plans

Tacita Dean, Jeremy Deller, Sarah Jones, Alex Katz, Sharon Lockhart, Cornelia Parker, Richard Wentworth, Rachel Whiteread

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A group exhibition of previously unseen work by Tacita Dean, Jeremy Deller, Sarah Jones, Alex Katz, Sharon Lockhart, Cornelia Parker, Richard Wentworth and Rachel Whiteread, curated by Catherine Yass.

The exhibition brings together artists using photography as part of their development process as a tool for working out, following and shaping ideas. It looks at the experience of viewing preparations and sketches for work, with its particular complexities, as a mode of consumption of artists work in its own right.


Installation view-works by Cornelia Parker. Presented as part of Jerwood Encounters: Passing Thought and Making Plans. Image: Magnus Arevad