Louise Orwin


Louise Orwin is an award-winning Live Artist, researcher, writer and performer and Co-founder of artist-led organisation Steak House Live. Her work spans the live and recorded with incarnations in performance, video and photography and springs first from a place of vulnerability, honesty and risk, and second from the idea of a chance encounter with a stranger. Research for new touring show, Oh Yes Oh No

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She is preoccupied with liveness, failure, awkwardness and her own doomed sense of femininity, which she feels imposes cultural limitations on herself and her work. She enjoys playing with these perceived limitations, and stereotypical notions of the feminine in popular culture.

Our support is for her to undertake research for her new touring show, Oh Yes Oh No, about female sexuality, rape culture and rape survival. The first performances will take place at Camden People’s Theatre’s Hotbed season in April/May 2017.

Louise attended a Buzzcut Residency we supported in 2014 and she will work with producer Jen Smethurst who received our SPILL New Producers Bursary in 2014.


Oh Yes Oh No, by Louise Orwin. Image: Field & McGlynn