Marlborough Theatre

Queer Connections

Marlborough Theatre, Brighton works year round with LGBTQ+ practitioners, supporting and presenting extraordinary performance by pioneering artists. It seeks to advance equality and to make Brighton & Hove an internationally important home for queer performance, influencing the national picture and advocating for LGBTQ+ artists. 12 month development programme supporting five LGBTQ+ artists from the theatre’s grass-roots networks

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Our support is for five artists who identify as LGBTQ+ from across the UK to participate in a 12 month development programme drawing on Marlborough Theatre’s distinctive queer approach. The programme offers skills development, mentoring and showcasing opportunities, however there will be no pressure or requirement to make a new piece of performance. Artists are found through the theatre’s network of grass-roots arts organisations.

The project will also expand Marlborough Theatre’s national profile at this key moment of the company’s development. Through the Queer Connections project Marlborough Theatre have worked with local partner organisations to select and commission artists Reid Dudley Pierson in Folkstone, Aishley Docherty in Blackpool and Sea Sharp in Brighton with further artists Bradford and Hastings being announced in 2019.

Heather Cassils Becoming An Image Performance Still No. 3. Featured: Manuel Vason Image: Heather Cassils Courtesy Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York