Matt’s Gallery

Blackrock Artsist Residency Programme

Established in 1979 by Robin Klassnik OBE, Matt’s Gallery has been an independent and influential force in the visual arts sector, both nationally and internationally for over 35 years. The programme exists to support artists with the space and time required to take risks, collaborating as an active and integral agent in the production of new work. Matt’s Gallery opens a new space in Bermondsey in September 2016, before moving to its permanent home in Vauxhall, planned for 2019. A new residency programme on Lydney Estate

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Lead by Matt’s Gallery, the Blackrock Artist Residency Programme invites artists at key, transitional stages in their career to make work on the Lydney Park Estate in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. The programme is a partnership between the estate and Matt’s Gallery and it sets out to establish Blackrock as a new and meaningful place of artistic production and consumption.

Our support enables the programme to continue in 2016, through which three selected artists will produce work over a four month period, culminating in a launch weekend in September 2016. Each artist will receive a stipend and a production grant, with full use of the farms and outhousesalong with regular production and curatorial support. The project is also supported by Arts Council England.  

Blackrock Residencies. Image: Courtesy of Matt's Gallery