OTO Projects

UK Artists Development Fund

Cafe OTO opened in 2008, and quickly established itself both nationally and internationally as an important center for experimental music. Cafe OTO is unique in presenting the only year round programme of experimental music seven nights a week in the UK. OTO Projects (CIC), launched in 2012, manages the programme at Cafe OTO and promotes engagement and participation with new music through live performances, workshops and discursive events. Two-three night residencies by music artists, programming their work and influences at Cafe OTO

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Our support goes towards a development programme that will offer resources for UK emerging artists to develop and show their work in the form of two-three night residencies. Participants will receive six months of mentoring from Cafe OTO and financial support to programme the evenings with their own work and the work of others that they feel a connection with.

The selected artists are: Nkisi, Angharad Davies and Still House Plants.



N Kisby. Image: Johhny Utterback