Project Space, Meg Mosley: #mylife

Meg Mosley

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

#mylife is a new commission by Wiltshire-based artist Meg Mosley. The solo presentation features two films; Agog: The Grandmother Diaries and a film about Meg’s alter ego, Megastar, entitled, #mylife.

The films attempt to explore issues to do with belonging in two distinct areas of influence; the understanding of the love, friendship and family life and the trials of ageing; and the influences that reality television, glossy magazines and short-lived celebrity fame has on those who live in ordinary towns, in this case Trowbridge (Trow Vegas) in Wiltshire.

Agog: The Grandmother Diaries is a documentary record of Mosley’s relationship with her grandmother, offering an intimate and rare insight into the granddaughter-grandmother relationship. In this work, the artist explores her grandmother’s belief that glamour represents a form of empowerment. The film is an interplay of humour and reflection. Through the course of this film, the artist and her grandmother engage in a series of parties, holidays and photo-shoots that are inspired by her grandmother’s glamorous past and lust for life.

The second film, #mylife, is presented as a TV reality show that sees the artist travel to Las Vegas in search of the glamour and extravagance that is used as a reference point in her home town. This two-year project is the culmination of a study of glamour in its contemporary guise and resulted in the birth of Meg’s alter ego, Megastar. Mosley uses different media, including video, photography and film, to record a wide range of interactions. In doing so, she teases out the joy and pathos in examples of contemporary culture and takes her home town of Trowbridge on an adventure inspired by the glitzy constructed world of Las Vegas.

During the exhibition Mosley launched an exclusive music video online which was shot in Trowbridge, archived on YouTube.

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Meg Mosely, Trow Vegas (still) 2013