Project Space, Sara Nunes Fernandes: Untitled (Edible Clock)

Sara Nunes Fernandes

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

Untitled (Edible Clock) is a new sculptural commission by Sara Nunes Fernandes. The sculpture comprises a quartz clock mechanism and elements made from dough which have been cooked and toughened in an oven. Together these elements form a functional clock which has been positioned at the apex of the Project Space’s main wall. These hand-made, food-based elements are combined with the mechanical rhythm of a clock, gently ticking every second, marking time passing. However, in doing so, it also highlights its own self-awareness as a sculpture, which is on display for a duration each day over a period of months. This work clearly makes a playful reference to food and baking. It also makes a cinematic reference to the Hill Valley Courthouse clock tower in the film Back to the Future.

Untitled (Edible Clock) aims to draw attention to the way in which visitors commonly inhabit the Project Space as a place to spend or pass time. Its placement also alerts our attention to the dual status of the Project Space – as both a café, in which timed activities take place and an exhibition space, in which newly-produced artworks are shown.

Project Space provides exhibition and development opportunities to emerging artists offering a small grant to develop new experimental work for exhibition in the unique environment of Café 171 at Jerwood Space, adjacent to the galleries. Since 2004 it has presented new work from artists including Luke McCreadie, Alice May Williams, Paul Schneider, Rhys Coren, Anna Bunting-Branch, Emma Charles, Alec Kronacker, Meg Mosley, Johann Arens, Matthew Johnstone, Katie Schwab and Jamie George, Ben Senior, Ralph Dorey, Mindy Lee, Patrick Coyle, Gemma Anderson, Annabel Tilley, Alice Browne, and Holly Antrum.