Trigger is a small producing organisation led by Angie Bual that creates theatrical experiences where art forms, sectors and interests collide. It works with an evolving portfolio of artists and partners who share their ambition to produce captivating, provocative, engaging work. Since Trigger was founded in 2011 it has worked with partner organisations including Edinburgh Art Festival, Science Museum, Fuel, Cove Park, Glasgow University and Cape Farewell internationally and across the UK. It has collaborated with artists such as: Josie Long, Tam Dean Burn, Kieran Hurley, Frightened Rabbit, Hanna Tuulikki, Aidan Moffat and Gary McNair. R&D for a large scale outdoor performance work in Bristol

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Our support goes towards R&D for a large scale outdoor performance work in Bristol that has an aviation aspect, working with the range of partners including Cameron, National Composite Centre, @Bristol, Bristol’s Universities and the BBC. It will allow Angie Bual as an independent producer with a small company to take a significant step up in scale and ambition, widening the pool of technical experts, collaborators and organisations working on this ambitious project. Lead artists on the project are Carl Robertshaw and Mervyn Millar with a team including Russell Beck, Karl Longbottom and Ross Nicholson.

R&D for the project is also supported by Arts Council England and Mekamon.

Trigger stuff, residency at Lijiang Studio , China. Image: Angie Baul