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Anaïs, image credit: Alexandra Waespi


Not one to be pigeon-holed, musician anaiis occupies the space between different styles, inspired by her nomadic upbringing.

Growing up between continents; she moved from Toulouse to Dublin and Dakar before settling in California. She later studied at New York University before finally relocating to London. Following her debut release Nina in 2018, a liberation chant and reclamation of freedom, anaiis released her LP, Darkness at Play in 2019, which reflects her observations of the world, seeking hope amidst injustice, and explorations of the divine feminine as a healing force.

As an independent artist, anaiis is working on a soulful but genre-bending debut album which explores her journey of self-liberation through hope and speculation.

The Live Work Fund will enable anaiis to develop a live show that mirrors and expands upon the themes of the record, challenging anaiis to integrate performance art into live musical experience.