Programme aims and eligibility

The criteria for the DCMS Jerwood Creative Bursaries Scheme (2010- 2012) were as follows:

  • Organisations were invited to apply to host a placement based on the excellence of their artistic track record and the quality of their approach to managing and developing staff.
  • Placements were awarded to a matrix of organisations across England spread geographically by art form, type of role offered and scale of organisation.
  • Eligible recipients were in receipt of a full maintenance grant (or special support grant or hardship fund) during the whole of their time at university or Higher Education Institution or were otherwise able to provide evidence of financial need during this time e.g. through another form of means-tested support from a government or similar body.
  • Loans were not eligible evidence of financial need.
  • Eligible recipients were arts graduates who had graduated from their first degree (or equivalent) since 2009 with a minimum 2:1.