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Unite edited 13 - Lauren Heckler, performance (during UNITe 2018). Image: g39



g39 is an artist-run gallery and creative community for the visual arts in Wales. At the heart of g39’s activities is its relationship with artists. From work placements to informal gatherings, initiating peer introductions or realising the most ambitious of solo exhibitions – across this spectrum of relationships its aim is to encourage and enable every person whose ambition it is to pursue a visual art practice.

Jerwood UNITe is an intensive 10-week residency and professional development scheme at g39, during which the organisation will foster a strong studio community for five artists. The scheme is designed to attract and benefit artists who may ordinarily be reluctant or unable to partake in a studio residency. Being part of the Development Programme Fund will enable g39 to make significant investment in the artists across a range of their needs – whether practical, financial, health-related, attitudinal or otherwise. g39 also anticipates investing in institutional change too, in response to this learning.

g39's ambition for the scheme is to equip artists with confidence, skills, relationships, and knowledge to realise their ambitions, and allow a wider range of voices to contribute to the contemporary art community.

The UNITe cohort 2022 are Umulkhayr Mohamed, Adam Moore, Gwenllian Davenport, George Hampton Wale and Zillah Bowes

The UNITe cohort 2021 are Gweni Llwyd, GWENBA, Wendy Short, Sadia Pineda Hameed and Beau W Beakhouse, and Yewande YoYo Odunubi

UNITe Ffurflen Gais, Cymraeg