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Heart n Soul Beautiful Octopus Club. Sam Castell-Ward (featured). Image: Tim Mitchell

Heart n Soul

Don't Step On My Burger

Heart n Soul is an award-winning creative arts company. It believes in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities, providing opportunities for people to discover, develop and share this power and talent as widely as possible.

Heart n Soul creates opportunities for artists to collaborate and to create and share their work, live, recorded, digitally and online. People with learning disabilities create high quality art that inspires and changes peoples’ lives.

Don’t Step on My Burger will provide responsive and sustained support to five learning disabled artists. These will be talented people Heart n Soul are already working with who are at a breakthrough moment in their development. They may be working in visual art, music, performance or across other art forms.

Heart n Soul's spaces, including its art and recording studios - as well as its experienced staff, freelancers, associates - enable ideas to be incubated and open up possibilities around new work. Don’t Step on My Burger will have transformational impact by catalysing creative development and progression. It will give Heart n Soul's artists agency to develop their vision in a supportive environment, increase their visibility and lead to other opportunities.