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Nastassja Simensky and Rebecca Lee, Five Verses on Six Sacks of Earth - Material Culture Unearthed Residency, Photo: Reece Straw. Supported by In-Situ and Pendle Hill Landscape Partnership.

Jerwood Bursaries 2019

Jerwood Bursaries provide funding to help artists explore and develop their next steps, whether through supporting skills and knowledge development and/or supporting the first stage development of a new idea. We want artists to pursue their interests independently and on their own terms.

A Jerwood Bursary supports skills and knowledge development by funding opportunities to network, find new partners for collaboration, receive mentoring or take part in training, conferences and workshops. It supports development of artists practice through covering costs of attending residencies or being on attachment. It supports the first stages of development of a new idea through research and development, experimenting, drafting or workshopping. It supports any combination of these, and anything else that the artist believes will help them learn, grow and take control of the development of their artistic practice and career, and/or help kick start the creation of new work where an outcome is unknown.

The selected artists in the first round of the Jerwood Bursaries are:
Sharon Adams, Sara Anstis, Jo Bannon, Sophie Blagden, Phoebe Davies, Emma Dove, Sarah Duffy, Ali Eisa, Jane Hayes Greenwood, Fox Irving, Roy Mcfarlane, Louise Orwin, Siôn Parkinson, Berry Patten, Derica Shields, Nastassja Simensky, Jamie Starboisky, Debris Stevenson, Dharma Taylor, Fern Thomas, Joseph Toonga, Katy Weir, Jen White, Nicola Woodham.

Submissions for the first round of the Jerwood Bursaries were reviewed by Jerwood Arts’ new Artist Advisers, before the final decisions were made by a selection panel comprising Emma Frankland, artist and performance maker; Heather Phillipson, artist and poet; and George Vasey, curator and writer.

Round two, for artists with one to five years' professional experience is now open.

Download the Press Release: Jerwood Bursaries Round One