Rebecca Moss, A Panel Discussion, 2019. Commisioned for Jerwood Staging Series 2019. Photo: Hydar Dewachi.
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Rebecca Moss, A Panel Discussion, 2019. Commisioned for Jerwood Staging Series 2019. Photo: Hydar Dewachi.

Jerwood Staging Series

A vital curatorial platform for experimental event-based presentations of work.

Jerwood Staging Series is a curatorial project designed to provide a London platform for event-based presentations of work, including film screenings, performances, readings and discussion.

Launched in 2016, the project traditionally takes place in the empty gallery spaces at Jerwood Space, enabling artists and curators to premiere ambitious new ideas. To date over 60 artists, curators, writers and researchers have taken part in Jerwood Staging Series events.

Curated by Jerwood Arts, editions of the project from 2016-2019 have been led by Sarah Williams, Oliver Fuke, Lauren Houlton and Harriet Cooper.


Jerwood Staging Series 2022: This special edition for autumn 2022 will celebrate the final season of the exhibitions and events programme at Jerwood Space. Curated by Jerwood Arts, we invited leading visual artists from our Artist Adviser network to nominate exceptional artists from across the UK for these commissions. The four selected artists/collaborations are Ashanti Harris (nominated by Nicola Singh), Sadia Pineda Hameed & Beau Beakhouse (nominated by Kelly Best). Samiir Saunders (nominated by Antonio Roberts) and Rieko Whitfield (nominated by Harold Offeh). Find out more…


Artists and curators commissioned to date:

Jerwood Staging Series 2019: Séan Elder, Onyeka Igwe, Rebecca Moss, AJ Stockwell

Jerwood Staging Series 2018: Adelaide Bannerman & Jessica Taylor, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Sophie Hoyle, Morgan Quaintance, Beth Emily Richards

Jerwood Staging Series 2017: Gareth Evans, Lauren Houlton, Louisa Martin, Harry Meadley, Christian Nyampeta

Jerwood Staging Series 2016: Emma Charles & Dave Charlesworth, Keira Greene, Shama Khanna, George Vasey


Participants in Jerwood Staging Series events to date:

2019: Elise Atangana, Margit Czenki & Christoph Schäfer, Séan Elder, Chantal Faust, Onyeka Igwe, Roshanak Khakban, London Community Film Archive, Rebecca Moss, Ruidi Mu, Kirsty Russell, Anna Smolak, AJ Stockwell

2018: Adelaide Bannerman, Leah Clements, Dr Joseph Cook, Matthew De Abaitua, Ellie Doney, Beth Emily Richards, Chris Fite-Wassilak, Hortense, Sophie Hoyle, Rubiane Maia, Swan Meat, Sophie Morrison, Millips, Dr Brenda Parker, Adam Patterson, Morgan Quaintance, Dr Mark Spencer, Jessica Taylor, Terribilis, Nicola Woodham

2017: Laura Alhach, Louis Benassi, Katya Chitova, Rob Crosse, Alex Culshaw, Gareth Evans, Samuel Fouracre, Fay Green, Keira Greene, Lauren Houlton, Louisa Martin, Harry Meadley, Christian Nyampeta, Guy Oliver, Jessica Sarah Rinland, Stanley Schtinter, Irene Solà, Webb Ellis, Richard Whitby, Anita Wolska-Kaslow, Andrea Luka Zimmerman

2016: Andrea Buckley, Emma Charles, Dave Charlesworth, Lucy Clout, Siobhan Davies, Melanie Gilligan, Keira Greene, Evan Ifekoya, Anneke Kampman, Helka Kaski, Beth Kettel, Shama Khanna, Quentin Lannes, Shona Macnaughton, Myles Painter, Matt Parker, Abri de Swardt, George Vasey, Lance Wakeling, James N. Kienitz Wilkins, Josh Wilson, Rehana Zaman