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Katayoun Jalilipour, Evil Eye/I, 2017. RVT, Performing with David Hoyle. Image: Holly Revell 

Katayoun Jalilipour

Katayoun Jalilipour is a multidisciplinary artist, performer and lecturer based in London. In their work, they use their own body as the subject to discuss, poke fun, and disturb through various digital mediums.

Their performance work consists of topics around race, diaspora and gender: trans identity, sexuality and erotica.

They are one half of Mystical Femmes, a collaboration duo that explores lesbian erasure through themes of sci-fi and fantasy and currently making online performances from quarantine. They were recently the assistant director on Edythe Woolley's Sensitive Plumbing at The Yard Theatre.

Katayoun is currently developing their solo show Evil Eye/I which explores their Iranian heritage through a queer lens. Evil Eye/I looks at desire, pain/pleasure and a yearning to reconnect with lost cultural heritage.

The Jerwood Bursary will help them to continue their research and focus on developing the skill-based side of the project such as their collaboration with sound artist Nicol Parkinson.