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    Tool/Toy Project 500 second celebration. Image by Manon Houston.
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    Tool/Toy Project Trap the Sun. Image by Manon Houston.
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    Tool/Toy Project Listen to the. Image by Manon Houston.

Rachel Jones and Maegan Icke

What drew you to each other’s practice?

Our professional backgrounds vary from the macro to the micro. Rachel’s experience in craft and horticulture brings a detailed knowledge of the making process and site and season specific understanding. Maegan’s architectural training lends itself to a wider understanding of space, environmental context and collaborative processes.

We are constantly learning from each other, and together are more than the sum of our parts. As artists, designers and friends coming together from different specialisms, we see  cross-disciplinary collaboration as the future for developing and diversifying our ideas.

When working together, we tend to approach the design and development of our pieces with wonder and curiosity in order to find the potential for playful and engaging interactions with the themes we explore.

What is the one thing you most hope to gain from undertaking this work?

Having focused largely on the sun and its significance in our daily lives, we now want to turn to the night time and experiences of connecting with darkness.

Through engaging in ‘darktime’, we hope to generate ideas and questions around themes of alternative times and cycles.


Rachel Jones is a designer, craftsperson and forager. She has spent the last 2 years researching naturally derived colour as an essential part of place making. This research highlights the ability to read colour and see natural dyes as a representation of our environments. Having originally trained as a jeweller, Rachel’s work often questions the role and relevance of endangered heritage crafts in contemporary and future life. Through public facing projects, Rachel’s research reconnects to knowledge that once would have been understood by everyone, knowledge that would have been inherent in a location. Rachel's recent work has been exhibited/ taken place at the Barbican Centre, Flat Time House and Van Gogh House.

Maegan Icke is a Welsh architect/artist currently based in London. Maegan has experience working at internationally renowned practices on a range of projects, including schools, workspace, housing, and research proposals. Drawing on the economic, scientific, and mythological, her past projects question how artefacts, activities, and strategies can enable us to imagine and initiate a more generous and caring urban future. Outcomes from this research span from walking tours, to workshops, to instruments that expand our understanding of how urban space is imagined, perceived, used, discussed, controlled and planned. Maegan also teaches second year students at the Canterbury School of Architecture, and curates the MULTISTORY* guest lecture series.

Rachel and Maegan work together as Tool/Toy Project.