Programme Aims and Eligibility

Programme Aims

Through placing 40 bursary recipients with 40 leading arts organisations across the UK, the Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries programme aims to:

  • Create better-supported, developmental placement opportunities in the arts for entry-level graduates. 
  • Support the next generation of cultural leaders in the arts.
  • Open up access to the arts for those who may otherwise struggle to get started in this sector due to financial constraints.
  • Create additional resource where it is most needed in leading arts organisations. 
  • Encourage organisations to think more broadly about where they advertise and how they recruit to create a legacy of fairer access to the arts sector.

The programme’s mission is to help level the playing field so that outstanding graduates can make their way into arts careers. The focus is on those who would not otherwise be in a position to develop their skills and CV other than through unpaid work experience in order to enter arts professions.

Host organisations are selected on the basis of their outstanding proposals for roles which will develop recent graduates, giving each bursary recipient the best possible start to their career in the arts. Placements are also about the needs of the host organisations, helping them to move forward in an identified area and enabling vital additional capacity at key moments. The intention is that the placements are the best possible experience for both hosts and recipients.

Eligibility Criteria

Recruitment for each placement was carried out by the individual host organisations between April and December 2015. This programme is focused on finding those individuals who are most likely to go on to establish a name for themselves in the creative and cultural sector and to have a positive impact, and who most need this important bursary support to kickstart their careers.

Eligible applicants must:

  • Have received a full maintenance grant during the full period of their course and be able to verify it with the necessary paperwork.
  • Have graduated since summer 2013 from a first degree (i.e. a BA or an NVQ 6, or MA if from a Scottish university) in the UK. 
  • Have achieved a 2:2 degree or above. 
  • Be a full-time resident in the UK.

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