February 10, 2021

PRS Foundation announces its recipients of the Composers’ Fund

The Composers’ Fund launched in 2016 and offers grants up to £10,000 to support and enable artists to develop their ideas and ambitions. This year will be the second round in the PRS Foundations partnership with Jerwood Arts. The fund has been amended to take into consideration the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on the careers of composers, and this has been reflected in both the criteria and decision-making processes of the fund.

Since its launch, the fund has supported projects such as residencies, the promotion and exhibition of existing works, international co-commissions and development, sabbaticals, or childcare costs. In 2020, #FundedByPRSF grantees secured hundreds of high-profile nominations for major industry awards and won BRITS, AIM Awards and Ivors Awards.


The full list of recipients of the Composer’s Fund are:

Claire M Singer – Recording and promotion of two new releases

Jack Sheen – Recording his large ensemble work “Wild Gloss” with Octandre Ensemble

Ayanna Witter-Johnson – Commission with the Solem Quartet for “Part IV: Experiments” of their Beethoven Bartok Now series

Nwando Ebizie – Time for mentored composition for opera, contemporary classical chamber ensembles and theatre

Klein – Building instruments and research into modern compositions

Dominique le Gendre – Time to collaborate and promote music

Ryan Latimer – Recording and licensing debut album


Nwando Ebizie Photo By Claire Shovelton
Nwando Ebizie Photo By Claire ShoveltonNwando Ebizie Photo By Claire Shovelton