Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 4: Heather Agyepong Artist Interview

6 minutes

Heather Agyepong expands on her body of work ego death, commissioned for Jerwood/Photoworks Awards 4.

Heather is one of two awardees for the fourth edition of the Jerwood/Photoworks Awards, alongside Joanne Coates. They were selected from over 370 applications to a national call for entries and will realise ambitious new works over a 12-month period for a national touring exhibition launching in London at Jerwood Space in autumn 2022.

Heather Agyepong’s ego death is a project inspired by psychiatrist Carl Jung’s concept of ‘The Shadow’. According to Jung, the shadow is composed of aspects of one’s personality deemed inappropriate, that have been shamed and repressed, generally during childhood and adolescence, by family, education, social norms and other external factors. Agyepong has recently been working to discover and explore her own shadow; confronting, and making peace with it through this body of work.