at at at (mwnwgl)

Dylan Huw, Elin Meredydd, Esyllt Angharad Lewis

A downloadable PDF of this digital text is available at the bottom of this page.

Dylan Huw is Jerwood Writer in Residence from January – June 2022. This is the final commission of his residency, a collaborative piece written with Elin Meredydd and Esyllt Angharad Lewis.

at at at (mwnwgl) is an epistolary digital text written by the editors of mwnwgl, an irregular artist publication platforming original art/writing in and around Welsh languages. Written as a series of spontaneous missives on consecutive days in June 2022, while the three co-editors were in different countries, each instalment is situated in the geographic and temporal specificity of the day in which it was written, and is characterised by the unique intimacy shared between the collaborators and a sometimes uneasy balance of the confessional and the performative. This structure was conceived as a follow-up to mwnwgl’s first public project: a conversation audio piece for Montez Press Radio commissioned by Yellow Back Books as part of MOSTYN’s programme for the station in July 2020. Whereas in that conversation the editors brainstormed what the first edition of mwnwgl might look like, here they reflect (sometimes explicitly but mostly indirectly) on where the project stands a year after its release in summer 2021, with its future unclear.