Irresolutions: Dylan Huw and Iman Osman in Conversation

01:11:41 (72 Minutes)

Listen to the interview using the link above or read a transcript of it by clicking the PDF download at the bottom of this page. 

Dylan Huw is Jerwood Writer in Residence from January – June 2022. In this interview at the end of his residency he reflects with editor Iman Osman on his practice, discussing considerations of language and his collaborative Welsh-language piece at at at (mwnwgl). This digital text is written with Elin Meredydd and Esyllt Angharad Lewis, editors of mwnwgl, an irregular artist publication platforming original art/writing in and around Welsh languages.

We came together out of a shared interest in the relationship between the Welsh language – but also when I say the Welsh language, I’m talking about the way that language operates in Wales and the way that different languages especially interact or overlap – and visual culture or contemporary art settings, in the most expanded sense. I think that interest and those conversations are two parallel things underpinning all of it.

Dylan Huw is a writer living in Cardiff. His work across art criticism, essays and fiction, and in Welsh and English, is informed by an interest in processes of translation and vocabulary-making, collective practices and queer

Iman Osman is an artist living in London, working across moving image, field recording and writing. She has a BA in Fine Art from Wimbledon College of Art (2020) and recently completed a residency with Arteles Creative Centre in Haukijärvi, Finland. She is currently working as Editor for Jerwood Writer in Residence, amongst other projects.