In Conversation: Freya Dooley and Helen Frosi

90 minutes

*To turn on the English language captions, please select the caption/subtitle button in the bottom right corner of this video screen.

Freya Dooley discusses Temporary Commons, her commission for Jerwood Solo Presentations 2021with Helen Frosi who is an interdisciplinary artist-curator, producer and Director of SoundFjord – a nomadic curatorial platform focused on sound-related research and practice.

Temporary Commons is an immersive multi-channel sound installation that describes experiences of connection, untethering, and futile attempts at control within the porous walls of a rented terrace house. A meandering fictional narrative voiced by the artist weaves together dodgy plumbing, turbulent neighbours, bad weather, canned laughter, and an invasive landlord. The tension of hidden leaks and unstable structures is a stage for reflections on the harmony and discord of living alongside others.


The event will be available to stream on Youtube with English language captions from 7pm, Wednesday 30 June 2021 and is 90 minutes long.

You can listen to and/or watch the video of the conversation, it includes excerpts of Freya Dooley’s commission in the form of sound, an audio message from the artist Emma Daman Thomas who collaborated with Freya during the making of the work, alongside a conversation between Helen Frosi and Freya.

The captions for the conversation have been auto-generated on Youtube. Instructions for how to turn on captions can be found, here.

Helen Frosi’s written response to Temporary Commons which is read out at 6 minutes and 17 seconds during the broadcast is available to download as a PDF at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to visualise the exhibition, we have created an online exhibition walkthrough of our current exhibition Jerwood Solo Presentations 2021, to give a sense of how the three distinctive commissions by Emii Alrai, Freya Dooley and Bryony Gillard occupy the galleries at Jerwood Space, watch here.

About the artist’s guest

Helen Frosi is an interdisciplinary artist-curator and producer whose practice pivots around ecological thought, poetics, aspects of gifting and alternative forms of economy, with a focus on the creative, social, and political dimension of sound, hearing and listening. Her practice manifests as process, and necessitates collaborative, cross-disciplinary work, communal projects and collective activities.

Helen curates Longplayer Day, a festival focusing on time, duration and long-term and ecological thinking with James Bulley, and is co-curator of auraldiversities, an ongoing series of workshops and seminars on the ‘auraldiverse turn’ in the arts and humanities. Her latest project, EnCOUnTErs, sits at the nexus between art and ecology, with a focus on the sonic imagination. Helen is Director of SoundFjord a nomadic curatorial platform focused on sound-related research and practice, Founder of Visible Near Midnight Recordings for works that fall between the genre gaps, and is a visiting research fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London (Dept of Music).

About the artist

Freya Dooley works across media encompassing writing, moving-image, performance and sound in her practice. Her work builds layered and unstable narratives: collaborative fictions which navigate their way through divergent subjects, expanding outwards from close-range environments and observations.

Freya lives and works in Cardiff. She graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Cardiff School of Art and Design in 2011 and was a member of Syllabus III, a UK-based peer-led alternative learning programme, in 2017-18. Dooley currently holds a two-year Fellowship at g39, Cardiff, which is supported by the Freelands Artist Programme. In 2020 she undertook a residency with Beppu Project in Japan supported by Wales Arts International. Recent solo exhibitions and projects include: Scenes from Between the Mountains and the Sea, Beppu Project, Oita, Japan (2020); Ventriloquy for Radio, part of Interruptions at Holden Gallery, Manchester (2020); New Writing with New Contemporaries including performances at Leeds Art Gallery and South London Gallery (2019-20); Somewhere in the Crowd There’s You, Eastside Projects, Birmingham (2019); and The song settles inside of the body it borrows, Chapter Gallery, Cardiff (2019). She was shortlisted for the Kleinwort-Hambros Emerging Artist Prize in 2019.