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David Trigg

Book 2 (2011)
David Trigg interacting with Corinna Till's 'Book 2', 2011.
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It was wonderful to be introduced to so many interesting people the other night at the opening of the Jerwood Painting Fellowships exhibition and so, as the new Jerwood Arts Writer in Residence I thought I should introduce myself to readers of the blog.

Over the coming weeks I will be responding to the Jerwood Arts programme, posting regular thoughts, essays and interviews that open up wider contextual debate surrounding the issues and themes raised by the exhibitions. As a contemporary art writer and critic I usually have just a few days to write a critical response to an exhibition and that, of course, is limited by a word count. This blogging opportunity offers me the luxury of an extended period of time in which to explore the Jerwood Arts exhibitions, to really get under their skins and consider the works from a variety of angles. My main aim is to stimulate debate and dialogue!

I look forward to interacting with many of you over the next few months.