Podcast: Regurgitate

Nicole Morris and Maria de Lima

Nicole Morris,
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Regurgitate by Nicole Morris and Maria de Lima is a podcast produced using the layout of the home as a means to choreograph different works.

Nicole Morris and Maria de Lima invited eight women (Rebecca Ackroyd, Katriona Beales, Rebecca Bellantoni, Josie Cockram, Susan Conte, Jasleen Kaur, Alice Martin and Alberta Whittle) to contribute audio works that each respond to a room in the house. The new and already existing works explore building space through sound and consider acts of rejection, exclusion and convulsion found within the female body.

This audio work was broadcast on Resonance FM on 11 October 2018 as part of Survey.

Poem of Mom, Susan Conte, 2018
00:00 – 04:10
Sound editing William King

Glaze, Josie Cockram, 2018
04:12 – 07:00

A Recipe for Planter’s Punch, Alberta Whittle, 2016
07:15 – 12:46
Audio from live performance commissioned for Rum Retort

Granny, Jasleen Kaur, 2018
13:01 – 25:14
Featuring Harbhajan Kaur and Ram Singh

Spit it out, Rebecca Ackroyd, 2018
25:23 – 32:03

On Demand, Alice Martin, 2018
32:11 – 37:48
Featuring Joanna Martin

Update from the Wasteland I, Katriona Beales, 2017
38:07 – 44:44
Originally shown as part of Network Bed

I spill (Perfidia), Rebecca Bellantoni, 2018
44:45 – 49:18
With excerpts from Phyllis Dillon ‘Perfidia’ 1967 and Rowdy SS ‘Feed’