Rabbit in the Headlights

151 words

Eleanor Nairne

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

A part of your world

Visual and Visceral Pleasure as Anxiety

Moving Image as Object / Moving Objects

Experience is both thrust into supersaturation and completely, coolly obsoleted.

Stop Making Sense

The Ring (hair over face)

Metaphorical weather maybe?

Living, streaming individuals, muse on hollow bodies

Both frozen with broken animation

Stop. Frame, and move on

A male Rapunzel and the little mermaid

The ubiquitous yet beautiful lens flare.


The opening of Tomorrow Never Knows made me think about the way in which we converse with a work through our conversations with others and vice versa.

I invited a number of artists, curators and writers who I spoke to on the night to write me a line in response to either or both of Ed Atkins’ and Naheed Raza’s works.

With thanks to Sonia Boyce, Daniella Rose King, Rebecca Lewin, James Smith and Mike Sperlinger for their contributions to this collective poem.