Reading List: Freya Dooley

Freya Dooley, Temporary Commons, 2021
Freya Dooley, Temporary Commons, 2021. Installation at Jerwood Arts. Photo: Anna Arca.

The Jerwood Solo Presentations 2021 artists have each put together a reading list to share some of the research, ideas and inspirations that have fed into their commissions. This list accompanies Freya Dooley’s installation Temporary Commons which is located in Gallery 2.



The Weather, Lisa Robertson, 2001

Territory of Light, Yūko Tsushima, 1979

Berg, Ann Quin, 1964

Sonic Agency: Sound and Emergent Forms of Resistance, Brandon LaBelle, 2018

Radical Happiness: Moments of Collective Joy, Lynne Segal, 2018

The Force of Listening, Lucia Farinati & Claudia Firth, 2017

The Cultural History of Ventriloquism, Steven O’ Connor, 2000



Shirking on Rented Space-Time, Nisha Ramayya, 2020

There Will Be Singing, Anne Boyer, 2020

No Home Left Behind, Ama Josephine Budge, 2020

Critical Creative Corrective Cacophonous Comical: Closed Captions, Emily Watlington, 2019

Accessibility in the Arts: A promise and a Practice, Carolyn Lazard, 2019



Baxter, Vera Baxter, directed by Marguerite Duras, 1977

You, The Living, directed by Roy Andersson, 2007



Tar – Lucrecia Dalt
Space Age Bachelor Pad Music (Mellow) – Stereolab
Butter – Miyako Koda
Menneskekollektivet – Lost Girls, Jenny Hval, Håvard Volden
Demetra – Cucina Povera
My Other Voice – Spellling
Boat – Kira Kira
Workaround bass- Beatrice Dillon
Walk the Dog – Laurie Anderson
Between – Mica Levi, Relax Kevin
Floating – Julee Cruise
All Night (Unfinished) – Jai Paul
The Height of Summer – The Knife, Mt Sims, Planningtorock
September Remember – Sam Prekop
Waterfall Winds – Alice Damon
Limerence – Yves Tumor
Glass Brain – Lucrecia Dalt
The Unquestioned Answer – Laurie Spiegel
Walkingman – Ela Orleans
Salutation Akazéhé – Kayanza
Come Out – Steve Reich
Final Drive – Islet
The Backyard – Robert Ashley
Facing North: Hocket – Meredith Monk, Robert Een