vessel // llestr

10 minutes

Dylan Huw

Listen to the full text read by Dylan Huw using the link above or read it by clicking the PDF download at the bottom of this page. 

I have been staring at the word vessel for so long I now struggle to relate it to any of these meanings, perhaps to the very concept of meaning itself. Perhaps I could make this collapse instructive in my exploration of how work presented in the Jerwood Art Fund Makers Open evokes craft practices’ capacity for transcending their material reality to become vessels for high fantasy and wild imagination and limitless meaning. Perhaps not.

Dylan Huw is Jerwood Writer in Residence from January – June 2022. This is his response to the glass installations Axle by Jahday Ford and Coping Mechanisms by Vicky Higginson, commissioned for Jerwood Art Fund Makers Open on exhibition at Jerwood Space until 9 April 2022.