April 21, 2022

Sofia Mitsola // House of Aquamarina at The Harley Gallery

In 2019, Sofia Mitsola was a Jerwood Solo Presentations artist, where she presented a series of new paintings of individual and grouped female subjects, incorporating Greek and Egyptian mythology. We are now delighted to share Mitsola’s upcoming exhibition House of Aquamarina at The Harley Gallery from 14 May – 31 December 2022.

House of Aquamarina explores themes that relate to both history and myth. Exhibited for the first time, Mitsola’s miniatures are shown in conversation with 30 historic miniature portraits from The Portland Collection. Through a display that is suggestive of a family tree, Mitsola has imagined a history for her invented characters. By using traditional techniques and materials, Mitsola places the characters from her mythology within the traditions of the past.

These, are painted on vellum using layers of watercolour, which allow the colours and forms to emerge until the characters are revealed. Mitsola then adorns her subjects, deciding how they would have chosen to be presented through their pose, dress and expression.

Set in gold and vividly coloured backgrounds, the characters become more than portraits – they are icons and amulets of protection.

Opening Details: The Portland Collection, 14 May 2022 – 31 December 2022

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Sofia Mitsola, House of Aquamarina at The Harley Gallery