April 22, 2021

Strike A Light: ‘Let Artists Be Artists’ appointed

For too long, there have been massive inequalities in terms of who benefits from ‘the arts’ – both as audiences and professionals. Artists go underpaid, under-heard and under-supported. And it’s not truly open to everyone.

Strike A Light felt that this moment, where there is no business-as-usual, could be an opportunity to build a new normal for the arts industry. A new normal that gets us closer to the world we want to see – where everyone can access amazing cultural events. Where the systems are fair, adventurous and open to everyone.

Strike A Light ran a three-stage application process, beginning with a simple expression of interest and concluding with flexible, in-depth interviews. The whole process was run and developed in collaboration with the partner organisations and artists who helped to shape the process, and the interviewees were paid for their time.

The appointed artists are:

Tom Marshman

Tom has been making theatre for 21 years, actively encouraging dialogue with participants through socially-engaged processes such as ‘tea parties’ – telling engaging, poetic & unpretentious stories. Tom is also a Jerwood Arts Artist Adviser.

Florence Espeut-Nickless

Florence is a working class artist from Chippenham in Wiltshire, a town with no theatre and limited access to it. She’s a writer, performer, facilitator and theatre-maker. She makes work for both stage and screen about / with working class communities in the Southwest.

John Pfumojena
John is a Zimbabwean actor, musician and composer with practice focused on mbira and marimba music cultures. He has won several awards, including a Jerwood Arts Live Work Fund Award 2020 and a Zimbabwe Young Achievers’ Awards UK in 2019 for contribution to theatre and music.

Let Artists be Artists: three artists appointed

Strike A Light

From L to R: Tom Marshman, Florence Espeut-Nickless and John Pfumojena