June 6, 2018

Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries 2017-19, International Placements in Partnership with British Council Announced

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

These new international placements will support the 15 participants and their UK hosts to build significant relationships with a partner organisation across Europe. The Placements will last between two- four weeks and the participants will be joined by members of staff from their UK host organisation over the initial days. In this way the International Placements aim forge lasting relationships and communication between the organisations, at the same time as providing the participant with valuable experience of international working.

All 40 of the participants will also take part in a three-day training and networking trip to Festival d’Avignon, South of France in July this year. The trip has been designed to offer insights into the workings of an international festival, the chance to see innovative new work, and the opportunity for creative exchange with artists in a European context.

This international perspective is crucial for extending the cohort’s professional development, and giving an international dimension to their experience at the start of their careers in the arts, as artists, leaders and producers of the future. It contributes to building a cultural sector in both countries that is representative of the societies in which we live, building its relevance and resilience. Creating links with tomorrow’s creative professionals and addressing the socio-economic barriers that skilled graduates entering the arts workplace are facing, are objectives shared by all three partners.

The 15 participants undertaking international residencies are:

  • Callum Berridge, Site Gallery – Fondazione Romaeuropa | Rome, Italy
  • Laurèl Hadleigh, Peckham Platform – Venice Fellowship | Venice, Italy
  • Bryan Beresford, Touchstones Rochdale – Venice Fellowship | Venice, Italy
  • Maddie Sinclair, Sage Gateshead – Venice Fellowship | Venice, Italy
  • Gina Donnelly, Prime Cut – Zetski Dom | Cetinje, Montenegro
  • Chris Lloyd, Sherman Theatre – Zetski Dom | Cetinje, Montenegro
  • Jacqui Barnes, Manchester Camerata – Montenegrin National Theater | Podgorica, Montenegro
  • Jonny Goode, Turner Contemporary – Ujadowski Castle/CCA | Warsaw, Poland
  • Della Hill, Literature Wales – Ujadowski Castle/CCA | Warsaw, Poland
  • Reece McMahon, The Place – National Dance Centre of Bucharest | Bucharest, Romania
  • Tom Kitching, Lyceum Theatre – DOT | Istanbul, Turkey
  • Priyanka Mistry, Bradford Literature Festival – Tanpinar Literature Festival/ITEF | Istanbul, Turkey
  • Sianna DeCoteau, British Ceramics Biennial – National Art Museum | Kiev, Ukraine
  • Hamish Young, Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival – Dovzhenko Centre | Kiev, Ukraine
  • Clare Ferris, Oh Yeah Music Centre – Akademie der Kunste der Welt | Cologne, Germany

You can see a full list of Weston Jerwood Creative Bursary Participants here.

Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries, 2017-19. Image: Outroslide Photography