09 – 13 May 2023


Camden People's Theatre , 58-60 Hampstead Road , London, NW1 2PY

Presented by Votive Theatre, led by Katrina Bennett and Jerwood New Work Fund 2022 artist Amy Crighton.

‘Being one of four should mean less pressure.’

Relationships can be messy. Especially when there’s four of you.

Freya loves Dee. Dee loves Craig. Craig loves Freya. And everyone loves Amber. Together they attend fabulous parties and host intimate dinners. They have left their pasts behind and fully embraced their new lives in an open queer utopia.

Until one explosive party, when everything falls apart.

In CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER you’ll become complicit in one character’s side of the story, viewing the world, this relationship, and that night exclusively through their eyes. As the evening unfolds, you’ll learn that behind the characters’ love and care for each other are hidden secrets and lies…and it won’t be long before they start spilling out.

Immerse yourself in the story as you are given headphones and become privy to one character’s perspective, experiencing their thoughts, emotions, and secrets in real-time.

Votive Theatre’s new drama explores four perspectives of the same story, tying you to your fighter’s fate until the bittersweet end.