Jerwood Staging Series – Sophie Hoyle, Chronica

13 Sep 2018


Jerwood Space , London

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Chronica is an event exploring embodied experiences of illness, encounters with healthcare infrastructures and biomedical technologies. It features a new live work by Sophie Hoyle using biofeedback controlled videos, and a live set made in collaboration with musician Swan Meat (Reba Fay). Connecting a history of medical imagery used in music subcultures with genres such as EBM (Electronic Body Music) and Industrial, this work looks at the potential of noise music to evoke embodied experiences of trauma and its medical treatment.

A screening of artist moving-image works selected by Sophie Hoyle exploring chronic illness accompanies the live work. Confirmed artists in the programme include: Leah Clements, Blue Maignien (Hortense) in collaboration with Sophie Morrison (Eye Measure), Terribilis and Nicola Woodham.

Sophie Hoyle is an artist and writer whose practice explores an intersectional approach to postcolonial, queer, feminist, anti-psychiatry and disability issues. From lived experiences of psychiatric conditions and trauma, or PTSD, they began to explore the history of biomedical technologies rooted in state and military surveillance and control. Their work looks at the relation of the personal to (and as) political, individual and collective anxieties, and how alliances can be formed where different kinds of inequality and marginalisation intersect. They relate personal experiences of being queer, non-binary and part of the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) diaspora to wider forms of structural violence.

With thanks to Charles Hutchins for his work as creative coder.

This event is wheelchair accessible. If you have any requirements in regards to access please email [email protected].

This event is free to attend. Booking is required via Eventbrite.

Sophie Hoyle and Swan Meat (Reba Fay), Chronica, 2018. Commissioned for Jerwood Staging Series 2018, supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation. Image: Hydar Dewachi