08 Apr 2023


PRIMEYARC , UNIT C, Market Gates (formerly Debenhams) , Great Yarmouth NR30

Presented by Jerwood New Work Fund 2022 artists Tool/Toy Project (Rachel Jones and Maegan Icke).

Join Tool/Toy Project (Rachel Jones and Maegan Icke) on a night-walk to discuss and imagine new opportunities for human and non-human thriving at night as well as in the daylight.

Night-walking offers us another perspective on familiar places and patterns. As the dark rises and vision abstracts, it becomes easier to imagine the past as well as possible futures.

We will consider alternative uses for buildings and surfaces, replanning through play using the simplest of tools (string, chalk, pegs, imagination).

We invite participants to bypass the limits of practicalities and reality and to think and dream big about new ways of inhabiting our environment.

Our noctambulation [night wandering] will be followed by thematic refreshments and reflective conversation.

This workshop is part of The Night Season, an ongoing project by artist duo Tool/Toy Project, examining the role of darkness in public, private, and natural life through participatory, film, and sculpture. This noctuary [record of what passes in the night] will be documented by filmmaker Charlie Ditcham for exhibition at The Cut, Halesworth.

Tool/Toy Project, Trap the Sunlight 2019. Photography by Manon Houston