we are all made of stars

02 – 06 May 2023


The Yard Theatre , Unit 2a, Queen’s Yard White Post Lane , London E9 5EN

Jerwood New Work Fund 2022 artist Freddie Wulf presents, we are all made of stars

sweeping past erupting hairs—

droplets on the tiny leaves of moss—

lips, a throat, an underwater cave—

Plunged in a bathtub and equipped with a borescope camera, Freddie Wulf will reveal body, plant and water as an ecosystem. We will witness living landscapes up close, constantly in flux, set to a stunning live score by composer Alicia Jane Turner.

A cosmic odyssey and an invitation to slow down, speed up, and zoom in, to explore embodiment and self-perception.

With dance, lipsyncing and moving visuals, we are all made of stars is a meditative technicolour dream impossible to look away from.

Commissioned by Fierce and Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (ACCA). Supported by Jerwood New Work Fund and The Yard Theatre. Funded by Arts Council England and Help Musicians.

Manuel Vason at Fierce Festival 2022 Design Guy J Sanders