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Queens of Sheeba press image.

Rachel Clarke is awarded a Stage Edinburgh Award

05 September 2018

The Stage Edinburgh Awards recognise outstanding performances at the Edinburgh Fringe and have been awarded throughout August, with winners including individual performers and entire ensembles. 

Rachel Clarke, who we supported through a Performing Arts Micro-Bursary in 2017, and her collaborators Jacoba Williams, Koko Kwaku, Veronica Beatrice Lewis were given the award for Queens of Sheba at Underbelly.

Queens of Sheba tells the stories of four black women who have been turned away from a night club for ‘being too black’ (based on the Dstrkt night spot incident of 2015). The drama focuses on the rise of Misogynoir (misogyny directed towards black women where race and gender both play roles in bias). It is the story of strong passionate women who fight to overcome the terrors of oppression in a racist and sexist society. Queens of Sheba is a journey that travels through some of the harsh realities of our time. The show also won an Untapped Award¬† 2018.