Meet our Team, Trustees and Artist Advisers. You can find further information about what our Artist Advisers do here.



  • Julia Wharton
    Julia Wharton
  • Rupert Tyler
    Rupert Tyler Chairman
  • Katharine Goodison
    Katharine Goodison
  • Thomas Grieve
    Thomas Grieve
  • Lucy Ash
    Lucy Ash
  • Catrin Griffiths
    Catrin Griffiths
  • Christopher King
    Christopher King
  • Miranda Thompson Schwab
    Miranda Thompson Schwab

Artist Advisers

  • Nadia Latif
    Nadia Latif Theatre and film director
  • Jade Montserrat
    Jade Montserrat Artist
  • Robbie Synge
    Robbie Synge Artist and choreographer
  • Jessica Harrison
    Jessica Harrison Artist
  • Emily Speed
    Emily Speed Artist
  • Alissa Kleist
    Alissa Kleist Curator
  • Adam Buick
    Adam Buick Ceramic artist
  • Harold Offeh
    Harold Offeh Artist
  • Sabrina Mahfouz
    Sabrina Mahfouz Writer
  • Ashley Holmes
    Ashley Holmes Artist
  • Selma Dimitrijevic
    Selma Dimitrijevic Director, writer and dramaturg
  • Sarah Punshon
    Sarah Punshon Writer and director
  • Rachael Clerke
    Rachael Clerke Artist
  • Luke Pell
    Luke Pell Maker, curator, dramaturg and writer
  • Teresa Cisneros
    Teresa Cisneros Arts administrator and curator
  • Serena Korda
    Serena Korda Artist
  • David Blandy
    David Blandy Artist
  • Seán Elder
    Seán Elder Curator and writer
  • Rehana Zaman
    Rehana Zaman Artist
  • Nicola Singh
    Nicola Singh Artist
  • Deborah Smith
    Deborah Smith Curator
  • Tiffany Boyle
    Tiffany Boyle Curator
  • Jessica Carden
    Jessica Carden Curator
  • Emma Cameron
    Emma Cameron Producer
  • Tom Piper
    Tom Piper Theatre, exhibition and Installation designer
  • Mike Stubbs
    Mike Stubbs Artist, curator and consultant
  • Joshua Pharo
    Joshua Pharo Performance lighting and video designer
  • Jane	Morrow
    Jane Morrow Independent curator and PhD researcher
  • Emma Frankland
    Emma Frankland Performance maker
  • Rachel Maclean
    Rachel Maclean Artist
  • Brian Logan
    Brian Logan Programmer, producer and director
  • Gillie Kleiman
    Gillie Kleiman Choreographer
  • Tom Emery
    Tom Emery Art critic and curator
  • Clare Twomey
    Clare Twomey Artist
  • Hannah Starkey
    Hannah Starkey Artist
  • Thomas Goddard
    Thomas Goddard Artist
  • Toni Lewis
    Toni Lewis Artist and producer
  • Liam Crichton
    Liam Crichton Artist
  • Sam Groves
    Sam Groves Programmer, producer and curator
  • George Vasey
    George Vasey Curator and writer
  • Rosie Elnile
    Rosie Elnile Set and costume designer
  • Katie Schwab
    Katie Schwab Artist
  • Gary Thomas
    Gary Thomas Creative producer, curator and programmer
  • Kate Craddock
    Kate Craddock Festival director, performer, theatre maker and academic
  • Jackie Hagan
    Jackie Hagan Theatre practitioner, poet and playwright
  • Hrair Sarkissian
    Hrair Sarkissian Photographer
  • Raymond Antrobus
    Raymond Antrobus Poet
  • Ellie Dubois
    Ellie Dubois Performance artist and director
  • Andy Brunskill
    Andy Brunskill Director, deviser, writer and creative producer
  • Errollyn Wallen
    Errollyn Wallen Composer and performer
  • Kelly Best
    Kelly Best Artist
  • Hetain Patel
    Hetain Patel Artist and performance maker
  • Rebecca Frecknall
    Rebecca Frecknall Theatre director
  • Dawinder Bansal
    Dawinder Bansal Producer and artist
  • Sud Basu
    Sud Basu Creative producer
  • Holly Willats
    Holly Willats Curator and writer
  • Vivienne Franzmann
    Vivienne Franzmann Playwright
  • Soweto Kinch
    Soweto Kinch Saxophonist, MC and producer
  • Amber Massie-Blomfield
    Amber Massie-Blomfield Non-fiction writer and arts professional
  • Shama Khanna
    Shama Khanna Curator, writer and educator
  • Nikesh Shukla
    Nikesh Shukla Writer and editor
  • Sam Ruddock
    Sam Ruddock Producer, project manager, editor and coach
  • Dan Daw
    Dan Daw Performance artist
  • Tom Marshman
    Tom Marshman Artist
  • Martel Ollerenshaw
    Martel Ollerenshaw Arts consultant and creative producer
  • Jasleen Kaur
    Jasleen Kaur Artist
  • Nikki Tomlinson
    Nikki Tomlinson Producer, mentor, consultant, dramaturge and artist
  • Tina Koch
    Tina Koch Circus and theatre director and performer
  • Richard Lavery
    Richard Lavery Theatre director
  • Season Butler
    Season Butler Writer, artist, dramaturge and lecturer
  • Megan Vaughan
    Megan Vaughan Writer, blogger, zinemaker and academic
  • Antonio Roberts
    Antonio Roberts Artist and curator
  • Heather Phillipson
    Heather Phillipson Artist
  • Aaron Schuman
    Aaron Schuman Photographer, writer, academic and curator
  • Emma Bettridge
    Emma Bettridge Producer, dramaturge and festival director
  • Kevin Le Gendre
    Kevin Le Gendre Journalist and broadcaster
  • Caroline Williams
    Caroline Williams Performance maker and participatory artist
  • Dickie Beau
    Dickie Beau Actor and artist
  • Giles Round
    Giles Round Artist
  • Elayce Ismail
    Elayce Ismail Theatre and opera director