January 24, 2017

Adam Buick receives Creative Wales Award

This page was made some time ago and may contain information which is now out of date

Jerwood Makers Open 2013 alumni Adam Buick is to receive a Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales. Awards of up to £25,000 are intended to give space and time for an artist who’s already had career achievements, to undertake creative experimentation and research to inform their future practice, but not necessarily to deliver defined and predetermined outcomes.

His artistic vision is to make work that embodies the landscape that inspires him. He uses a single pure jar form as a canvas to map his observations from an ongoing study of his surroundings. Through the use of gathered materials in the ceramic process and through acts carried out within the landscape he hopes to create a narrative, one that conveys a unique sense of place and to bring greater depth, understanding and meaning to every piece he makes.

During 2017 he intends to spend time in the landscape making site specific clay based works and then to bring those experiences and materials from the earth back into the studio to develop new surfaces and glazes. He will be visiting fellow artists in their studios, conversing with them and other arts professionals about themes that inform his work and hoping to make a trip to Korea to visit traditional Moon Jar makers. The Award will afford him time away from his busy schedule to develop ideas that have been in his mind or some time.


Adam Buick, Porcelain Scope, 2016 . Image: Adam Buick