Artist Advisers

As part of our push for greater openness, increased national reach and broadening of our taste, we are appointing a large number of discipline experts, Artist Advisers.

Our Artist Advisers are individuals with the skills and expertise to contribute to identifying talent, and support selection and decision making processes with their specific art form and discipline knowledge.  They are our ears and eyes across the UK, providing a current perspective on artists, artistic groups and arts organisations and help us to deepen our impact across our work.

This is an experiment in raising the level of specialist expertise and increasing the role of artists across our work as part of our new approach. All Artist Advisers will be paid for their contributions to our work.

Artist Advisers will

  • Participate in assessing, shortlisting and panel decision making across our work
  • Help promote and represent our funding opportunities, enabling us to reach and encourage applications including from those who may not have previously considered applying to us;
  • Provide specific art form and discipline expertise;
  • The Artist Advisers are a crucial element to our new approach to funding, making our processes more transparent and inclusive.