The Department of Feminist Conversations

The Department of Feminist Conversations (DFC) is an artistic collaboration about feminist modes of exchange. Diana Damian Martin and Mary Paterson will use this Jerwood Bursary to inform the collective’s work.

The DFC uses art as a tool to explore politics and politics as a way of interrogating the communities of art. Their ongoing projects use duration, correspondence, exchange and conversation to produce new knowledge about systems of power. Their work is collective, participatory and social. They have held roaming salons, sent letters, hosted conversations, devised a game, and written encounters with feminist art.

Since 2018, they have been exploring new ways of working with archives in relation to the politics of voice and auditory experience. The Jerwood Bursary will be used to undertake training in sound editing and production, in order to further develop this work.

Department of Feminist Conversations, Image: Mary Paterson