Derica Shields

Derica Shields is a writer, researcher and programmer from London. Her work has appeared in the New Inquiry, Rookie, Girls Like Us, Live Art Almanac, Flash Art and more. She is the co-founder of The Future Weird, a (now defunct) screening and discussion series centered on experimental, world-unravelling films by black artists and directors.

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Derica Shields has been developing a multi-format oral history project centering on black people’s accounts of the UK welfare state for a Triple Canopy commission. In 2015, Derica published Bodied, a nonlinear, polyvocal, intertextual ‘broken essay’, which incorporates screenshots of research material. Their ongoing experiments in form will be published in June 2019, for a commission by Book Works, theorising representations of failure in the work of black artists and writers.

Derica’s Jerwood Bursary will support two accessible readings of her forthcoming book, in which she’ll will be sharing clips from the works cited and facilitating discussion. Derica will also work with a tutor to develop technical skills that will strengthen the audiovisual elements of their writing and presentation practice.


Derica Shields, Collection of Screenshots, 2019.