Emma Frankland


Emma Frankland is an award winning theatre maker and performer. In recent years her work has been focused on issues around gender, identity and politically motivated performances, with her most recent work Rituals for Change focused on her own transition as a trans woman. Research and development support for the staging of a historical work about gender identity

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Emma is Director of None of Us is Yet a Robot – an online and live performance company that creates ground-breaking work based on transgender identities and the politics of transition. She is also a regular collaborator with Chris Goode and Company and works as guest performer or dramaturg for other artists and companies including: Jamie Wood, Camden People’s Theatre, Rachel Mars, Old Salt Theatre, Pink Fringe, Rachael Clerke, The Frequency D’ici and Wild Works.

Galatea is an ambitious project, the first professional production of John Lyly’s play since 1601. At its heart is a same-sex couple and other characters who are at odds or experimenting with their perceived gender identity. The project will embrace the feminist, queer-positive and radical content inherent in the text.

Our support is specifically for this research and development stage of Galatea. It is a large-scale production and a major step up for Emma as a Director, as she works with academics and a company of performers from a wide range of backgrounds to experiment and explore the piece further.


Emma Frankland . Image: Courtesy of the artist