Evar Hussayni

Evar Hussayni’s art practice uses interdisciplinary methods such as film, photography and mixed media.

Under the umbrella of archives and the concept of ‘documentation’, Evar’s practice explores visibility, political/historical positioning, violence and its relationship with the trajectory of Kurdish feminism/womanhood.

Equally, she explores sub-themes such as memories, food, mythology and love and how these aspects fit into feminist ideology and the narrative that Kurdish women are part of.

Her practice is rooted in academic debates on Orientalism/othering, extending into a revelation of how archives and documentation can erase heritage, violate or pigeon-hole; she is interested in what an inclusive archive looks like. She wants to understand why hierarchies and mechanisms of exclusion play such a prominent role when exploring heritage and modes of documentation. Whose history is being preserved/recorded and whose history is being erased/dismissed/altered? Her aim is to redefine and reposition the narrative by enriching/expanding the storyline concerning the Kurdish female identity.


Evar Hussayni, Women In My History Part I, 2019, Installation view. East of West, Santa Fe. Image courtesy of the artist.